Non-domestic PV at WCVA

  • Client: WCVA
  • Location: Aberystwyth
  • Surface Area: m2
  • Year Complete:
  • Value: $
  • Supervising Engineer:

This roof mounted solar PV array in Aberystwyth, West Wales has a peak power output of 9.4kW and was expected to generate 8069 units in the first year and provide a return on investment in excess of 18%.

The system actually generated 9540 units in the first year giving an incredible 21% return. Why did this project generate more than expected?……..

Aberystwyth is a great location for a solar PV installation. Firstly Aberystwyth benefits from coastal weather which means the panels are receiving more sun energy than the average site across the UK.  And secondly the sea breeze keeps the panels cool.  Temperature effects the efficiency of a solar PV panel which means they produce more when they are cooler.  WCVA is located at the top of hill overlooking the sea which means they get a great cooling effect as the wind is blown off the cool sea and over the panels.  We also used a very efficient transformer-less inverter which is capable of converting 98% of the DC electricty into useful AC electricty.