Power from photovoltaic modules is linked to the grid via a “grid-connect” inverter. This device transforms the DC electricity generated by the PV array into mains voltage AC, synchronised precisely with the voltage and frequency of the grid. The inverter also performs various safety functions, constantly monitoring the grid and switching off in the event of a fault or major fluctuation in supply.

The output of the inverter is connected directly to a fuse box, feeding solar electricity into the building’s conventional electricity supply. Electricity generated by the PV array is usually used within the building first with any surplus fed into the grid.

Reliability is particularly crucial for the inverter in your system and Smart Energy Systems uses only the best manufacturers, such as SMA, Fronius and Power-One inverters, all with strong reputations for delivering the quality and reliability that you need over the lifetime of your inverter.


Founded in Germany in 1981 SMA is the largest inverter manufacturer in the world. They have 21 locations globally including the UK. The UK operation offers an excellent support service which means you can be confident that in the event a problem the manufacturer is close to hand to help out. SMA offer a range of inverters and Monitoring Solutions. The most common inverters for domestic systems are the TL range and for the larger 3 phase installations we use the Tripower range.