Solar PV

Solar PV is a reliable and effective source of clean energy with government investments and incentives to encourage both small and larger scale installations.

With Smart Energy Systems you can generate your own electricity from the sun, with the benefits and reassurance of investing through an established supplier.

  • Reliable – tried and tested with no moving parts so low maintenance, quiet to operate and solar PV generates electricity as long as the sun’s shining.
  • Cost effective – Although government incentives have been reduced, Solar PV can still offer a sound financial investment in your energy future.
  • Clean technology – solar power is all about converting the free energy from the sun into useful energy without any carbon emissions or ongoing fuel costs.

The photovoltaic (PV) effect was discovered more than a century ago and the latest solar PV technology uses simple semi-conductor devices to convert the sun’s light into electricity that can then be used on your premises or exported into the National Grid. The stronger the sunlight, the more electricity is produced by a solar PV system and many areas of the UK have the potential to generate a significant proportion of their electricity needs.

On a sunny day, the power generated by a PV system reduces the amount of electricity that needs to be purchased from your electricity supplier. On very sunny days, or at times when little energy is needed in the building, electricity production may be greater than the demand – and the surplus will be exported out into the grid.

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