38kW PV at Aber Instruments

  • Client: Aber Instruments
  • Location: Aberystwyth
  • Surface Area: 0 m2
  • Year Complete: 2011
  • Value: $0
  • Supervising Engineer:

38kW PV array installed at a biomass monitoring company.

This is the largest roof mounted PV array in Aberystwyth, West Wales. It consists of over 165 PV panels providing a peak output of over 38kW.  The energy generated from the system provides 50% of all the power needed to run the business.

Aber Instruments is a global company supplying thousands of advanced systems for use in the Brewing, Biotech, Biorenewables and Biofuel industries.  They installed PVs in order to generate clean, carbon free, renewable electricity to supply their offices as a way of reducing their carbon emissions.  The PV system was installed and commissioned in November 2011.